How does it work?

Unlimited Practice Problems

Mistakes are a natural part of learning. We embrace mistakes, and provide instant relevant feedback to help you overcome obstacles. And with infinite problems, you can feel safe knowing there are no limits.

Tailored just for you

From choosing the right problems to planning courses everything is made just for you.
By analysing your answers and comparing them to answers from other students, we create a learning experience uniquely tailored for you at just the right difficulty detecting and filling in any gaps in your knowledge.

A graph that knows it all

At the core of our system, we have a graph that encodes how each concept is related to every other concept. Combined with our student-competency model, we plan the path to your goals, and fill in any gaps giving you the freedom to just follow your curiosity.

Where will your curiosity take you?

From primary school to university, we have got you covered!



Probability & Statistics

Or 30+ other concepts.

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